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ABN AMRO Mortgage

As one of the world’s leading financial institutions, the European rooted ABN AMRO can be traced all the way back to the early 1800’s.  ABN AMRO has branch offices in over sixty countries all over the globe.  ABN AMRO is one of the world’s largest banks, employing nearly 100,000 individuals worldwide and maintaining nearly 800 billion Euros in assets.  The mortgage division of ABN AMRO offers unique services that allow customers the luxury of remaining with the same company for all of their loan needs.  Their tremendous variety of products and services makes the one of the premier lenders in the industry.  In addition, ABN AMRO offers a One Fee (sm) package with each mortgage that eliminates hidden charges.  Among these are competitively priced:

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ABN AMRO Bad Credit Mortgage Options

ABN AMRO is committed to providing the resources necessary for everyone to obtain a home loan.  With that in mind, they offer flexible refinancing packages, home equity loans and lines of credit, and interest only loans.  The also provide potential customers with an informative tutorial that outlines each aspect credit.  ABN AMRO’s educational tool offers step-by-step information that clearly explains how to obtain a credit report, what affects credit, how to read a credit report, what kinds of things can help consumers improve their credit scores, and how to avoid over inquiries.  Their tutorial also includes cautionary information for consumers.  ABN AMRO warns against participating in credit repair agencies that promise to instantly repair your credit.  Not only are these agencies charging outrageous fees for their services, but many engage in illegally removing items from people’s credit reports.  Regardless of your credit history, there are many avenues that can help consumers increase their chances of improving your credit and securing a home loan that is right for you. 

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ABN AMRO Recent News

ABM AMRO is currently participating in the Volvo Ocean Race.  The course went from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Baltimore, Maryland.  The ABM AMRO yacht, which is called “Black Betty”, finished the race in 15 days, 2 hours, 47 minutes, 52 seconds.  This phenomenal time placed them nearly 17 hours of the second place winner, telecommunications company, Movistar.  This was their fourth win of five in the nine section competition that spans over ten countries. 

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