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Refinancing your Mortgage

Are you stuck?

Is debt keeping you awake at night? Maybe it’s time to consider refinancing your home. Refinancing is a great way to begin improving your financial habits, and oftentimes, refinancing gives borrowers the cash they need to eliminate educational loans, credit card debt, medical bills, or even make home improvements. You can even lower your monthly mortgage payments through a refinancing program.

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Start Early.

Get a credit report as soon as possible. Lenders will base your interest rates and candidacy upon the information contained in your credit report. If you are unhappy with your credit score, you can proactively improve your credit rating by obtaining up-to-date balances on your credit cards, becoming current on previously missed payments, and keeping the amount of new accounts you open to a minimum. You can even make major improvements by paying slightly more than the minimum payment on your credit cards each month. By starting to consider your credit history early, you can repair formerly unattractive credit long before you begin applying for refinancing. Better credit will increase the options available to you in terms of interest rates and variety of lenders.

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Who will refinance me?

The task of finding the right lender from whom you should seek refinancing may seem intimidating. So many advertisements make consumers feel like having imperfect credit is a punishable crime, which deters potential borrowers from even considering the option of refinancing in spite of the fact that they may be the ones who could benefit from refinancing the most. It is important to remember that you are still a valuable customer to many lenders. Try performing a search online, or consult your existing mortgage company about a potential referral. You will surely find a wealth of information and many options that should calm any preexisting fears regarding finding a lender that suits your specific needs.


Remember that you are considering the option of refinancing to improve your current situation. You may be looking to remodel your home, consolidate debt, or you may be sending your child to college. Regardless of your purpose for refinancing, you will find the solution to be much easier than you had previously thought. In addition, the experience of having actively taken control of your financial situation will ultimately lead you to a future of financial freedom.

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