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Aames Mortgage Loan

The Los Angeles based Aames Mortgage company has been in business for over fifty years.  The parent company, Aames Financial Corporation specializes in loan securities, insurance, mortgage trusts, retail mortgages, and mortgage banking.  Their mortgage division is licensed in forty-seven of the fifty states. Aames mortgage also has an easy-to-use web interface that allows potential customers to pre-apply for one of their many programs.  Aames also offers a guarantee that gives potential customers the option of “No risk.  No obligation” for researching potential loan options and pricing.  This guarantee means that you can obtain a quote on interest rates without having to commit to enrolling any of their programs.  All of your information will remain private, and there is no chance of having your information sold to unwanted vendors.  This makes Aames Mortgage one lender that deserves to be checked out.  Aames Mortgage is an equal housing lender. 

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Aames Bad Credit Mortgage Options

Aames was founded with the intention of assisting individuals with troubled credit backgrounds.  To that end, they are a very flexible and progressive lender.  Their qualification standards make it easy for almost anyone to get an affordable loan.  They also offer: 

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Each of their loan options makes the experience of finding a lender simple, regardless of your credit history.  Their debt consolidation loans can help people whose debt is overwhelming by lumping high interest debt into one affordable monthly payment that uses home equity as collateral.  Aames Mortgage has many of attractive loan packages for first-time buyers, or for individuals who are looking to renovate their homes, as well.  No matter who you are, or what kind of credit you have, Aames has an attractive loan package that is just right for you. 

Recently, Aames published their 2005 annual corporate earnings, which reflected a common trend in the subprime lending industry.  Although their earnings were not what they had expected, they are still one of the most trusted subprime lenders in the industry.  They are continuing to maintain their promise to provide accessible and affordable mortgage services to customers whose credit might otherwise have prevented them from obtaining a mortgage.  They are also undergoing some corporate restructuring that will ensure that this vision is possible.  To obtain any additional information about rates, packages, or corporate restructuring information, check out their website at www.aames.net. 

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