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123 Loan Mortgages

Based in Aliso Viejo, California, 123 Loan is a nationwide mortgage banking firm that has structured their own loan packages and qualification standards.  123 Loan has a quick, easy online calculation system that allows users to input hypothetical loan amounts and interest rates.  They are also renowned for being one of the few online mortgage firms that promises to return any loan inquiry with a live telephone representative within a few short hours.  If you are the kind of person who is easily intimidated by the paperwork and frustration that comes from applying for a loan, then 123 Loan is for you. 

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123 Loan Bad Credit Mortgage Options

In addition to offering some of the most considerate and prompt customer service, 123 Loan is sympathetic to those who have endured financial difficulty.  123 Loan offers many different options for those who are looking to improve their financial situation.  In the event that you are one of the many Americans with less-than-perfect credit, get a credit report as soon as possible.  You will be able to determine what kinds of loan programs will suit your qualifications, and obtaining a credit report will allow you to know exactly where you need to improve your payment habits.  If there is an inaccurate item reported on your credit report, be sure to file a dispute as soon as possible. 

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123 Loan’s flexible qualification programs and self-structured loan packages make finding a loan easy.  Their programs include: 

If you are considering a debt consolidation loan or a refinancing package, their qualified staff will be sure to provide you with the sound advice you need to determine which loan program suits you the best. 

123 Loan Recent News

In addition to being an equal housing lender, 123 Loan is licensed in 19 states, and they have one of the most impressive sets of privacy standards in the industry.  While they will collect some very important and personal information, ranging from social security numbers and income to total amount of debt, 123 Loan promises to behave with integrity by not selling your information to predatory lending companies.  Currently, they are offering specials for individuals who apply for loans online.  You can receive a free copy of your credit report, or you can obtain a free analysis of your home’s value.  Regardless of your financial situation, 123 Loan is absolutely worth checking out.

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