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Very Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders

Looking for a home loan after having a foreclosure, bankruptcy, or being sent to collection agencies can be a very intimidating process. Many people suffer through these setbacks after losing a job, spouse, becoming ill, divorce, or otherwise. The first thing to remember about having bad credit is that there is always a way in which it can be fixed. The solutions may be as simple as time or commitment. Regardless of just how bad your credit is, you may still be able to work toward regaining financial efficacy with a home loan.

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Just How Bad is it?

It is important to consider the fact that with very bad credit, you will not be able to obtain the same great interest rates and variety of lenders that are available to the few who have perfect credit. With that said, it is a wise idea to begin saving money as soon as possible. Having a larger lump sum to offer as a down payment is one way in which formerly troubled consumers may have a shot at getting the home that they need, at a rate that they can afford. With or without a large amount of savings that can be placed toward a down payment, it is imperative for potential borrowers with bad credit to begin engaging in responsible consuming immediately. Lenders look very closely at your financial behavior, and if they see a marked improvement that remains consistent, they will be much more likely to approve you for a home loan. Potential lenders will also look kindly upon a one-time setback. For example, say you were laid-off, divorced, or hospitalized, and you were unable to pay your bills, but you had a previously good credit record. If you resume paying your bills on-time each month after getting back on your feet, you will be more likely to be approved for a loan as well.

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What should I expect?

Again, remember that you should not expect to receive offers from hundreds of lenders with spectacular mortgage packages. That said, you are still a deserving candidate for a home loan. You may be offered slightly higher interest rates from select lenders. If you are unable to afford the rates that they offer you, perhaps it would be better to wait before seeking a home loan until you have given your credit the time and attention that it needs to heal.

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