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Wyoming Mortgage Lenders

Wyoming has always been seen as a frontier state. Even as the western expansion of the union surpassed the borders of the state, the feeling of expansion and promise has never left the state. The state also prides itself on its level headed approach to problems, simple solutions are favored over fancy answers. As such, when Wyoming was in the grips of an economic depression, they started the Wyoming Business council to direct the states business, and it worked. Unlike the state's previous economic development efforts, this new organization has more of a corporate structure, incorporates private business practices in order to drive programs and has instituted regional offices throughout the state. Wyoming is now a prosperous state, with a healthy housing market and a growing economy.

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Despite the large size of the state, the population of Wyoming is rather sparse, with a total of 232,637 homes. Of those homes, 202,496 are occupied, meaning that 87% of the homes in the state are not vacant, and leaving approximately 30,000 homes available on the housing market. Those looking to move to Wyoming are in luck, as the state has a buyer driven housing market, with the vast majority of people looking to buy a home rather than rent. The Wyoming Community Development Authority is now providing low interest loans to encourage people to move to Wyoming.

The Wyoming Community Development Authority administers the Mortgage Revenue Bond Program specifically to aid first-time homebuyers with low and moderate incomes who are considering purchasing a home within the state of Wyoming. Wyoming Community Development Authority mortgages are originated across the state by participating lenders. A Wyoming Community Development Authority mortgage offers qualifying homebuyers a below market interest rate loan and down payment assistance.

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These low interest loans, as well as the down payment assistance means that the range of homes available to potential buyers in Wyoming is much larger than it would have been previously. The largest hurdle that stands in the way of buying the home of ones dreams is the initial and continuing cost, and with the assistance of the Wyoming Community Development Authority, both of those costs are lessened or made more manageable. With the improving economy and the wealth of homes available and mortgages suited to allow one to purchase a home, Wyoming would be a good place to consider buying a home.

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