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Wisconsin Mortgage Lenders

Wisconsin is a traditionally rural state, with strong ties to local agriculture. The locals are so strongly proud of this tradition that they often refer to themselves as “cheese heads”. The housing market in Wisconsin is a robust one, with a grand total of 2,463,802 houses. The number of those houses that are currently occupied is 2,172,924, which means that 88.2% of the homes in Wisconsin are occupied. Of those occupied houses, 1,519,124 of them are owned, meaning that 69.9% of the homes in Wisconsin are owned and not rented. Prospective home buyers looking to purchase a home in Wisconsin would be well advised to enlist the help of a homebuyers advocacy group or organization that can help educate them and protect their interests once they have made their purchase. The reason for this is that a mortgage is one of the most important financial investments that a person will make in their lives, and as such, it pays to be informed about your rights and responsibilities regarding a mortgage.

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In what is certainly good news for home buyers in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Realtors Association has recently announced the formation of a new corporation, the Wisconsin Homeowners Alliance, Inc, or WHA for short. The Wisconsin Homeowners Alliance is a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy organization devoted to representing homeowners and property owners in the state of Wisconsin. The stated mission of the home owners alliance is "to advance and promote issues of concern to all Wisconsin property owners."

According to WRA President Bill Malkasian, "The main purpose of the Wisconsin Homeowners Alliance is to protect people's property rights, home values, and the real estate market - issue by issue - on a statewide and local basis."

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The Alliance itself will work on behalf of property owners through the means of education and advocacy. With education and promotion, the organization will keep the state's property owners informed of state and local regulatory issues that affect the ownership of property in Wisconsin. The Alliances’ advocacy efforts are to focus on raising awareness of issues that affect Wisconsin property owners through general media communications and grassroots mobilization.

With the WHA in place, the process of buying a home in Wisconsin will be much safer and the benefits to home buyers are easy to see. Better education about home ownership and mortgages mean that less people will fall victim to the unforeseen pitfalls and dangers inherent in large, long term loans.

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