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North Carolina Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders

People looking to live in a safe, affordable and friendly place need look no further than North Carolina. This year, Relocate-America’s editors chose Cary, NC as one of the top 10 communities that make up the Best Places to Live list in 2006. Cary came in second in the list of top ten places to live in America, loosing only to Naperville, Ill. Across the state, houses are attractively priced in a slow market. The average price of a house in North Carolina is $108,300, which is a good sign for people interested in home ownership. First time home owners will find the lower house prices, as compared with the national average of $119,600 dollars, helpful when shopping for and financing a house. The market is currently geared for home ownership instead of renting, with 69.4% of the homes being owned rather than rented. Compare that with the national average of 66.2% and you can see the effect of the less expensive home prices on the market.

The number of people living on or below the poverty line in North Carolina is just below the national average. At 12.3%, North Carolina barely slips under the national average of 12.4%. This indicates a less than stellar economy in North Carolina at the moment, which can be good news for potential home buyers looking to pick up a property for less than they would pay elsewhere.

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To remedy the economic slump, and help out the problem of homelessness in North Carolina the state is targeting closures of bases. The results of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure process have fostered opportunities and challenges in the communities where bases have closed. In response to these challenges, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recently began an initiative called “Operation Fresh Start” to help those communities in the Southeast.

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This operation is being carried out with help from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD for short. The Southeast Regional Director Bob Young stated, “ HUD wants to develop relationships with those communities that need assistance and work with our partners to structure ways to revitalize and rebuild communities affected by BRAC closings”. “This is just one of many ways HUD is outreaching to help communities affected by BRAC closings and devastation by disasters”, said Young.

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