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New Hampshire Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders

Now is certainly a good time to buy a house in New Hampshire. A recent squabble in the housing market has forced sellers’ hands and created an amazing opportunity for potential buyers.

It would seem that home buyers in New Hampshire, the three-time running nation's most liveable state, are getting a boost from growing inventories of homes for sale and home price appreciation a fraction of what it was recently.

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Unique market conditions this year allow buyers more time to shop around, as well as more leverage to bargain over prices and a greater hope the spring thaw the icy grip sellers' have held on the market for most of the decade.

New Hampshire , a Morgan Quitno Press three-timer as the nation's " Most Livable State," has had home price appreciation averaging 13.5 percent during the past five years. This is higher than the national average of about 11.5 percent, according to Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight.

That position flip-flopped in the fourth quarter of 2005, when the Granite State's year-to-year average home price appreciation dipped to 9.77 percent, much lower than the national average of 12.95 percent, according to OFHEO. Amongst all the New England states, only Massachusetts had a lower fourth quarter rate of year-to-year home price appreciation with 8.21 percent according to the federal agency.

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You can blame higher interest rates, escalating home prices and a media feeding frenzy for scaring off buyers, leaving the market flush with homes for sale and depressing the rate of home price appreciation.

"During a three-month period last fall there were articles about the bubble bursting and all that got people nervous and they wanted to wait and see what happened. There were a bunch of different contributing factors," said Patty Harpin, co-owner of Gove Group Real Estate, LLC in Stratham, NH.

More recently, the Northern New England Real Estate Network (NNEREN), which tracks the market, said the average home price rose only 4.8 percent from an average $245,395 during the first 10 weeks in 2005 to $257,140 during the same period this year. Meanwhile, home sales tumbled 10 percent, the Network said. The figures include all housing, new, existing, single-family, condos and manufactured homes.

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