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Wells Fargo Mortgage Loans

Surely everyone has heard the Wells Fargo name.  They are one of the oldest, most well established companies in the nation.  What began as a stagecoach business eventually blossomed into one of America’s largest companies and one of its largest employers, as well.  Today, they offer a wide variety of services that include:

  • Credit cards
  • Insurance
  • Personal and business banking
  • Loans
  • Investing
  • Mortgage services

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They are a constant on the Forbes top 25 companies list, they are Fortune Magazine’s 17th most profitable company, and they are among the top 100 employers offering opportunities to Hispanic-Americans.  More specifically, their mortgage division offers a plethora of options from refinancing, first-time buyer programs, and home building loans. 

Wells Fargo Bad Credit Mortgage Loan Options

To add to their already impressive reputation, Wells Fargo has tailored programs specifically to suit the needs of each kind of homebuyer.  For individuals with lower credit scores, Wells Fargo has specialists who are available to assist potential homebuyers with credit problems.  They offer a wealth of mortgage options that will allow consumers to regain control and understanding of their financial lives.  Debt consolidation and refinancing packages are made accessible to many consumers who would otherwise not have the option of affordably rearranging their financial lives.  Wells Fargo is also a leader in providing resources that give low-to-moderate income individuals with opportunities to purchase a home. 

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What else do they do?

Wells Fargo has very generously invested a whopping five million dollars into a program that funds environmentally friendly, renewable resource companies, and that is just the beginning.  By the year 2010, Wells Fargo has vowed to provide one billion dollars of funding to companies that work toward alternate energy sources that will consequently support the longevity of our environment. 

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