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Option One Mortgage Loans

Option One Mortgage was established in 1992 in hopes of offering financing to everyone in the heart of America.  Based in Irvine, California, which is a part of the famous Orange County, Option One has been behind the financing of nearly $100 billion in loans since their 1992 inception.  During that time they have served nearly 700,000 Americans who needed financing to obtain the home of their dreams.  Option One is committed to serving the unconventional borrowing community, and they are a part of the H&R Block group of companies.  They offer many different products and services that are designed to fit your individual budget and timeframe.  These products and services include:

  • Creative Refinancing Options
  • Conventional Mortgage Packages for Unconventional borrowers

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Option One Mortgage Bad Credit Options

Option One is a specialty lender.  In fact, they were one of the nation’s first unconventional lenders.  It is their job to assist you in obtaining a mortgage, even if you have a history of less-than-perfect credit, bad credit, or if you have income that is difficult to prove.  Option One has a milieu of unique programs that were creatively invented to serve the nontraditional borrower.  This is good news for people whose credit history is imperfect.  Many of these individuals are rejected from more popular lending groups and are forced into the sometimes-predatory subprime lending world where high interest rates and expensive fees are automatically attached to any loan.  As a member of the reputable H&R Block family of companies, Option One is a trusted unconventional lender.  They aim to provide their customers with the most affordable rates possible, even in cases where credit has been an issue.  If you are interested in establishing good credit, you can start by simply paying your bills on time each month. 

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Option One Mortgage Recent News

Option One Mortgage has a serious commitment to community involvement.  They encourage employees to participate in their volunteer exchange programs, and they support a variety of charitable organizations.  For example, Option One is a sponsor for:  Habitat For Humanity, Junior Achievement, and the Orange County Volunteer Center.  They also set aside an allotment of money that can be requested to be given to charitable organizations to support community events or other charitable activities.  Option one also participates in donation programs that support the health and human services sector. 

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