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New Century Mortgage Loans

Orange County, California is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country; it is also home to New Century Mortgage.  Proudly headquartered in the heart of the O.C. in Irvine, New Century is a progressive financial services company that caters to the unconventional borrowers.  They also strive to maintain a team of smart, organized, service-oriented mortgage professionals who work hard to ensure that each customer receives the fast and impeccable service that they deserve.  At New Century, customer service is the primary focus for every individual.  This makes them an industry leader, who in 2005, generated $56.1 billion in loans, which is an exceptional amount of loans.  New Century also boasts a diverse portfolio of products and services such as:

  • Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  • Interest-only Mortgages
  • 100% Financing Mortgages
  • Combination and Piggyback Loan Programs

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New Century Mortgage Bad Credit Options

New Century is a company whose focus is providing financing for the unconventional borrower.  For years, New Century has been a trusted name that provides loans for people with hard to prove income, imperfect credit, or seriously impaired credit.  Their programs are specifically designed to make all of the loans that they offer available to people who are ready to assume the responsibility of being extended credit.  New Century understands that there are many factors that can affect your payment history, which is why their range of products has flexible payment terms and approval guidelines.  They even offer interest-only loans to help individuals get into their home while using the money that would ordinarily be directed to their mortgage each month to pay off high-interest bills.  If you want to start over, and you want to do it affordably, then New Century has a host of programs that are destined to suit your unique needs.

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New Century Mortgage Recent News

New Century does not shy away from using technology to make services available to their customers.  Evidence of that is shown through their recent upgrade to their already efficient FastQual® program.  Now, borrowers can receive updates via email when the conditions of their loan have changed.  The email will initially be sent to each customer’s service representative, and they will review and forward the information directly onto each respective customer.  This means that customers will have the most current information regarding interest rates and terms pertaining to their particular loan. 

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