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Nationwide Advantage Mortgage

Nationwide Advantage Mortgage was founded in 1987 in hopes of delivering the best products and services available in a fast and accurate fashion.  After nearly twenty years, Nationwide Advantage Mortgage continues to work toward this hope by integrating technological advances into their approval and processing procedures.  This makes Nationwide Advantage Mortgage one of the quickest approval and processing companies in the industry.  Nationwide Advantage offers loans in most states in the U.S., and they currently have upwards of 50,000 loans under their management.  They are also home to one of the best teams of mortgage professionals in the country.  Nationwide Advantage Mortgage has a specialized groups of services from which customers can choose.  They offer:

  • Home Equity Loans
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage Packages
  • Balloon Mortgage Packages
  • LIBOR Mortgage Options
  • Adjusted Rate Mortgage Packages
  • Refinancing Options

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Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Bad Credit Options

Keeping up on bills is the foundation of good credit.  Credit cards, student loans, utilities, auto loans, and other monthly bills are the places from which your credit will be reported.  If you maintain a good payment history with these companies, they will not report any negative information, and if you miss payments, or if you are frequently late on payments, this information will be reflected on your credit report.  Potential lenders review your credit report when attempting to decide if they are going to offer you financing.  In the event that your credit history reflects inconsistent payments and a large debt to credit ratio, it will be much more difficult to obtain an affordable line of credit.  In the event that you are looking to improve your credit, you can do so by simply catching up on all of your bills.  Then, stay caught up.  This will demonstrate that you are ready to begin your life as a responsible consumer. 

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Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Recent News

Nationwide employs over 30,000 employees who are the best, and most talented people in their field, and their team is just expanding.  Being associated with powerful industry leaders like Fannie Mae also gives them a competitive advantage over other lenders.  To date, Nationwide has helped finance some 16 million customers with their financing needs, and they will build even more customers with the constant specials and great rates that they offer.  This large customer base makes them one of the largest, most widely reaching financial services institutions in the country. 

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