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Midland Mortgage Co

August 31, 1950 marked the beginning of a new trend in the lending industry.  It was on this day that Midland Mortgage was founded in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Since then, Midland Mortgage has provided excellent customer service to over 300,000 satisfied customers, and that number continues to grow daily.  Midland offers credit cards, personal loans, and mortgage financing options.  Midland is an equal housing lender, and a member of the FDIC.  They are passionately dedicated to ensuring only the best customer service, convenience, and accessibility of products.  Midland maintains a sense of accountability for each customer and each loan that they offer.  They have assembled a staff of the finest mortgage professionals available that are responsible for managing their host of products.  Some of these products include:

  • Traditional Fixed and Adjusted Rate Mortgages
  • Streamline Refinancing
  • No-cost Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit
  • 100% Financing Options

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Midland Mortgage Bad Credit Options

Credit problems don’t have to mean that you will be denied financing from any lender, but you will have to participate in a bit of research in order to obtain the perfect mortgage package from the right lender.  Do your homework and get into the habit of paying your bills each month.  Obtain a credit report to see exactly how your credit will appear to potential lenders.  If you allow a bit of time before applying for a mortgage or any other line of credit, you will be able to repair many of your credit problems before anyone has to see them.  The trick of obtaining and maintaining good credit is to be consistent.  You may also want to consider taking measures to lower the balances on your credit cards so that you will have the maximum amount of credit available.  This shows lenders that you use your credit wisely and responsibly. 

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Midland Mortgage Recent News

Midland has developed over the years.  This development is most clearly marked by the union of their sister company, MidFirst Bank.  The joining of these two powerful agencies has caused the company to grow at an unprecedented rate.  MidFirst is quickly becoming one of the biggest and best companies in the mid-west part of the country.  MidFirst is planning to continue their growth by embarking on similar endeavors in the future, which will assuredly guarantee their continued success.

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