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Long Beach Mortgage Co

As an equal housing lender, Long Beach Mortgage, which is a subsidiary of Washington Mutual, is quickly becoming one of the nation’s premier housing lenders.  Originally established in 1987, Long Beach Mortgage is home to many well-trained, highly experienced mortgage specialists whose job it is to ensure that obtaining a home loan is as efficient and painless as possible.  Long Beach Mortgage maintains their headquarters in Anaheim, California, and they have branch offices spread throughout the country.  They are licensed to lend in forty-nine of the fifty states in the U.S..  Long Beach Mortgage has access to the best, most creative ways of financing as a result of their collaboration with parent company, Washington Mutual.  Their impressive set of products and services include:

  • Interest-only Mortgage Loans
  • Jumbo Mortgage Loans
  • No-fee Loans
  • Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  • 100% Financing Loans

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Long Beach Mortgage Bad Credit Options

Many individuals think that having bad credit means that they will never be able to have access to convenient financing or lines of credit.  This, however, is not true.  There are many ways in which to improve bad credit.  Simply beginning to pay all of your bills on time is the first step, and there are many other small ways that you can attempt to prove the fact that you are ready to begin receiving credit from new lenders.  There are also many flexible, unconventional loan programs that are available through Long Beach Mortgage that offer financing to borrowers whose credit isn’t necessarily perfect.  Companies like Long Beach Mortgage see offering financing to unconventional borrowers as a way of assisting them in gaining control and taking pride in the way in which customers consume.  It is this mentality that has allowed Long Beach Mortgage to remain successful in today’s increasingly competitive lending marketplace. 

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Long Beach Mortgage Recent News

Exciting developments are always taking place with Washington Mutual and all of its subsidiaries.  They have recently agreed to purchase Commercial Capital in an effort to increase their already strong position in the real estate lending industry.  As the largest American savings and loan, Washington Mutual aims to become the best, most popular and accessible lender in the nation, and the purchasing of Commercial Capital is a step in the right direction as Commercial Capital is a prominent lending organization.  The price tag on the deal was finalized at nearly $1 billion. 

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