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ING Mortgage Loans

Having over 100,000 employees spread throughout some fifty countries worldwide doesn’t necessarily mean that you are one of the biggest and best financial services companies in the world, but when you are a company like ING, it is hard not to deny the fact that they strive employ the best people in the industry.  ING has managed to select a team of highly qualified employees that have determined their success.  With Dutch roots, ING began with a solid foundation of meticulously maintaining the highest quality products and services to compliment their very impressive team of professionals.  These products and service are designed to be innovative and creative solutions to the traditional mortgage.  ING Mortgage offers the following options with flexible payment terms:

  • The Unmortgage
  • 5 Year Variable Mortgages
  • 3, 5, 10, 15 and 30-year Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Home Equity Loans and Lines of credit

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ING Bad Credit Mortgage Options

Being a progressive lender, ING understands that unexpected obstacles can prevent people from maintaining a perfect payment record.  For those unexpected events, ING has designed a mortgage plan that allows customers to skip a payment once a year.  This payment can be repaid as soon as it is affordable.  This is particularly useful for individuals who are looking to repair their credit.  Customers can use this allowance to pay off high-interest credit cards, or to simply regain control of a potentially difficult credit problem.  In the event that your credit is already blemished, there are still options available.  Start by working your hardest to pay all of your monthly bills in a timely manner and by maintaining a low balance on your credit cards.  You will begin to not only understand what it means to cultivate good credit, but you will get into the habit of consuming responsibly. 

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ING Recent News

Another way in which ING demonstrates their progressive, forward-thinking nature is through their efforts that support the community.  For example, this year alone ING has participated in two very different, but very relevant endeavors.  ING supported an educational panel in Delaware that highlighted their recently established Planet Orange Financial Literacy scholarships that are being granted to schools and educators.  ING was also a primary sponsor of the exhibition of the Phillips Collection.  Many works that appear in this collection have never been displayed at a public exhibition.  This illustrates ING’s dedication to exposing the community to culture and education.

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