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Green Point Mortgage Co

Are you trying to find a progressive lender who can find you a loan that suits the needs of you and your family?  Are you tired of searching for a mortgage company that actually listens to what you are looking for in a home loan?  You may want to perform a bit more extensive research before you commit to a lender, but Green Point Mortgage is a lender that may be have your ideal home loan.  Located in Novato, California, Green Point Mortgage offers a refreshing perspective on the sometimes-difficult lending process.  Green Point is a subsidiary of parent company North Fork Bancorporation, which has its headquarters in Melville New York, and they are one of today’s up-and-coming lenders.  They are a national banking entity that offers a variety of products and services.  Some of these services include:

  • Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Adjusted Rate Mortgages
  • Debt Consolidation Loans
  • Refinancing Solutions
  • FHA and VA Loans

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Green Point Mortgage Bad Credit Solutions

Many people have bad credit.  There is no way of preventing many obstacles that render you vulnerable to being unable to pay your bills on time each month.  Fortunately, there are understanding companies like Green Point Mortgage.  If you have experienced an illness, divorce, job loss, or death, and your credit before and since has been consistent, then you will still be eligible for their host of services and products.  There is nobody to blame for tragic events, and if you respond to them proactively, there is no reason that you should be punished for having a difficult time.  In fact, you deserve to be commended for bouncing back from a traumatic experience.  Green Point has many programs that offer some of the best rates and payment structures in the industry, and they have a desire to help you find a place to call home, especially after emotional stress. 

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Green Point Mortgage Recent News

Green Point’s parent company, North Fork Bancorporation, has just been acquired by Capital One in a nearly $15 billion purchase arrangement.  This acquisition is the first step in expanding the vast array of products that each of these companies has to offer.  Together, these companies have the power to offer substantially more resources to their already impressive bank of customers, and they open up additional opportunity to attract a tremendous amount of new customers after the major publicity surrounding the acquisition.  Both companies are very optimistic regarding the union.

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