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First Franklin Mortgage Loans

First Franklin Mortgage is headquartered in San Jose, California.  In the year 2005 alone, First Franklin originated an astonishing 29.56 billion dollars in loans throughout the fiscal year.  Consequently, they have become one of the nation’s premier lenders.  With branch locations in nearly every state, it is no wonder that many Americans turn to First Franklin for all of their mortgage needs.  They have been in business since 1994, and they have remained ahead of the game in spite of many ups and downs in the American economy.  First Franklin didn’t become an established lender by providing a mere few mortgage options to borrowers.  Rather, they have a substantial amount of options from which customers can choose:   

  • Full Doc Purchasing Loans
  • Full Doc Refinancing Loans
  • No Income Verification Loans
  • Purchase and Refinancing Loans for Self-employed Individuals
  • Blended Access Loans
  • Rapid Purchase Loans

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First Franklin Bad Credit Mortgage Options

First Franklin was one of the very savvy mortgage lenders who made the transition from prime lending to subprime lending as soon as they noticed the increasing demand.  As such, First Franklin tailors their loans to fit the needs of the unconventional borrower.  The unconventional borrower is a borrower who either comes from a nontraditional credit history or who has hard to prove income.  First Franklin offers nearly each one of their loans for the unconventional individual.  This means that if your credit has prevented you from obtaining the home loan that is right for you, then First Franklin could be the answer to your troubles.  They are a reputable, understanding, and fair lender in what can be a very expensive, and sometimes predatory lending market.  Subprime borrowers oftentimes find themselves paying excessively high interest rates and fees in exchange for being granted credit.  First Franklin is not one of those companies. 

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First Franklin Recent News

First Franklin has made a promise to fund and donate manpower toward nearly ten Habitat for Humanity sites.  2005 was their second year of generous participation in assisting this charitable organization that provides housing for those who are less fortunate.  These sites are all over the United States, and the first site to see funding and volunteer work in the country was located in Denver, Colorado.  At the event, employees of the company, members of the mortgage community, and their families were in attendance.  These individuals offered their assistance to the project.  There were seven more projects that commenced through 2005.

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