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EMC Mortgage Loans

Today, it is nearly impossible to find the right home loan at the right price.  Too many companies profess the best rates for each of their loans, but few deliver like EMC Mortgage.  EMC Mortgage is subsidiary company of the Bear Stearns Group of Companies.  In the last sixteen years the company has grown by nearly 1000%.  This amazing growth rate is a product of EMC’s dedication to honest, affordable, and simple home loans to each member of our great nation.  To date, EMC has originated nearly 500,000 loans.  They are headquartered out of Dallas, Texas, and they are a large contributor to the job market in their area.  EMC has also established a wide range of products and services so that each of their customers has a large selection of rates, terms, and conditions.  EMC Mortgage offers:

  • Refinancing Solutions
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage Options
  • Adjusted Rate Options

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EMC Mortgage Bad Credit Options

In the spirit of making financing accessible for each member of the United States, EMC has developed a set of individually minded approval standards.  While, not everyone will qualify for a loan, EMC offers financing to those who are serious about securing a home loan while improving your credit.  If your credit is not good enough to qualify for one of EMC’s great loan programs, you may want to take a bit of time to improve your credit standing before you begin to apply for a home loan.  Begin by consuming responsibly.  Use your credit wisely and keep balances to a minimum.  You will see serious and fast improvements to your credit report as soon as you begin to pay your bills on time each month.  Soon your credit will be in great shape, and lenders will be impressed because you took the initiative to improve your own credit. 

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EMC Mortgage Recent News

In  order to ensure their continued success, EMC Mortgage has named John Vella as their new CEO.  Mr. Vella comes from a long line of extensive mortgage experience, and most recently, he was an executive for the Aames Investment Group.  With more than 20 years of industry work, John Vella was the clearest choice as leader of such a quickly developing company.  His skills will work toward EMC’s goals of image development and continued financial growth.  EMC Mortgage, a division of Bear Stearns, boasts a tremendous success story, and has grown exponentially in the last several years. 

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