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DeepGreen Bank Mortgages Loans

Since their inception in the year 2000, DeepGreen has revolutionized the lending industry by becoming one of the first completely online and automated mortgage companies.  DeepGreen is owned by a larger corporation called Light Year Capital.  DeepGreen’s vision of giving people credit from the convenience of their computers, at any time, without having to worry about business hours or otherwise, is responsible for granting some 65,000 lines of credit since 2000, which totaled up to about $5 billion in credit.  Their simple online application makes applying for a home loan easy and fast, and the fact that they have minimal overhead costs because of their online business plan allows them to provide the lowest possible rates in the industry.  Their wide variety of products and services include: 

  • Home Equity Loans
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit

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DeepGreen Bad Credit Mortgage Options

Many people think that having bad credit means that they are no longer eligible for any type of loan, but just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean that you cannot obtain the financing that you need.  What’s the point of having bad credit if you can’t work toward improving it?  With that in mind, start looking for financing early.  In fact if you start early enough, you might just have enough time to improve your credit before you even apply for a new line of credit or financing.  You can do this simply by just paying your bills on time.  That’s it!  There are no magic tricks or secrets to improving your credit.  You can also help yourself by paying off more than the minimum payment each month to increase the amount of available credit that you have.  These two things will tell lenders that you are ready to change your habits, which means that you are ready for a new line of credit.  There are many lenders, like DeepGreen, who will help you on your way to improving your credit.  Their revolutionary approach to home equity loans and lines of credit will give you the cash that you need to pay of high-interest debt. 

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DeepGreen Recent News

DeepGreen has been the topic of many articles in the press.  Their innovative, automated approach to lending.  They have received much attention for only having one call center and no branches.  DeepGreen has developed a new way of originating and processing loans, which is the secret to their success.

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