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Commerce Bank Mortgage Loans

With nearly $14 billion in assets and branch locations throughout Kansas, Illinois, and Missouri, the Missouri-headquartered Commerce Bank is the quintessential American company.  Originally founded in 1865 by a man with just about $10,000 in assets, Commerce Bank has expanded their reach to offer the essential financial services that every American needs.  If you have commercial or personal checking, lending, credit, savings, or wealth management needs, Commerce Bank has everything that you need to maintain a successful financial profile.  They even have specialty credit and debit cards and student loan packages that are designed to suit your unique needs.  Commerce Bank’s mortgage division is just as individually minded as the rest of the company.  They offer a series of borrowing options that will help just about anyone who is looking to purchase or refinance their home.  For example, Commerce Bank offers: 

  • Fixed Rate Home Loans
  • Adjustable Rate Home Loans
  • FHA Home Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • VA Home Loans
  • Jumbo Home Loans
  • Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

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Commerce Bank Bad Credit Mortgage Options

Understanding the American people is one of Commerce Bank’s fundamental practices.  To that end, Commerce understands that not everyone can have completely unblemished credit.  They offer many programs including bridge loans and loan programs for low-to-moderate income families including an assortment of individualized acceptance programs.  If you are uncertain of your credit standing, then the best thing to do is to get a credit report as soon as you can.  Upon obtaining your credit report, begin to pay each of your bills on time every single month.  Not only will this get you into the habit of being a responsible consumer, but it will show potential credit providers that you are ready to be granted additional credit.  It is never too early or too late to begin to improve your credit standing.

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Commerce Bank Recent News

Recently, Commerce bank has agreed to pay the 1% origination fee on all Federal Stafford Loans in each of the fifty states.  This program was created in the interest of helping students receive as much funding as possible.  Rather than only receiving 99% of their student loans, Commerce Bank is going to usurp the origination fee that is usually taken out of the loan.  So, instead of receiving 99% of the loan and having to pay back 100% of the loan, students will receive the entire loan for which they are paying.

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