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City National Bank Loans

City National Bank is a powerful and successful financial services company.  To date, they have nearly $15 billion dollars in assets under management, and they employ nearly 3,000 employees through their 12 national branch offices.  City National Bank originated from a group of businessmen in 1954, and since then the company has become a powerhouse in the financial industry.  Prudent, direct, and smart business practices have contributed to their extreme success, and they are projecting more revenue and success to come in the future.  City National offers their customers with super convenient features like auto pay, online bill payment features, and many others.  They currently offer business and personal wealth management programs, investment assistance, banking solutions, loans, credit, and mortgage solutions.  Their impressive catalog of mortgage options includes:

  • Residential Construction Financing solutions
  • Interest-only Loans
  • First-time Homeowner Programs
  • Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Jumbo Loan Programs
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages

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City National Bank Bad Credit Mortgage Options

The home buying process is a stressful and intimidating endeavor.  Judgmental factors such as qualification and rejection elicit discouraging emotions that can tear you away from realizing your dream of homeownership.  A primary source of this fear pertains to the fact that many lenders base their decisions upon rigid credit qualifications.  Many of these lenders are unaware of the fact that perfect credit is, in fact, a rare commodity.  So few Americans have not been faced with potentially credit damaging situations like death, job loss, divorce, or illness.  This understanding has created a marketplace for the subprime loan.  The subprime loan is offered by parent and subsidiary companies like City National Bank in order to accommodate to the needs of individuals who are seeking an opportunity to repair their damaged credit.  If you are one of these many Americans, then you should look into a subprime loan.

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City National Bank Recent News

City National Bank has recently been authorize to repurchase upwards of 1.5 million additional shares.  This buyback program is a part of the company’s intelligently constructed financial management program that is working to maximize capital and buying power.  They have been engaging in these buyback initiatives for over eleven years, and they have proven to be an effective cash producing endeavor.  City National Bank provides an exhaustive array of personal and commercial products that offer financial services to the American public.  They are headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. 

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