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CitiFinancial Mortgage Loans

Are you looking for an experienced mortgage lender?  Do the thousands of companies that profess to be experts overwhelm you?  CitiFinancial may be the answer.  Originally established in 1912, what is now known as CitiFinancial has become a heavy-hitter in the international lending industry.  With a tremendous presence throughout Canada the Yukon, and spread across the United States, CitiFinancial is behind an unprecedented amount of personal loans, refinancing loans, and auto loans.  As a part of the world’s biggest financial services corporation, Citigroup, CitiFinancial employs a team of experienced, qualified, well-trained professionals who are passionate about providing great service for a great company.  CitiFinancial is an equal housing lender, and they are licensed in nearly forty states.  CitiFinancial has an extensive catalog of products and services available to their customers including:

  • Refinancing Packages
  • Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit
  • Educational Loans
  • Home Repair/Renovation Loans
  • Debt Consolidation Loans

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CitiFinancial Bad Credit Mortgage Options

If you are one of the millions of Americans who may have hard-to-prove income, nontraditional credit, or if you don’t know what your credit rating is, then it is important to obtain a credit report.  The credit report that you will receive is going to be the same one that lenders see.  In the event that you are unhappy with your credit standing, you will want to begin attempting to repair your credit as soon as possible.  Start by paying all of your bills on time each month.  You can also work toward better credit by paying more than the minimum amount on your credit cards each month.  These two simple steps will help improve your credit rating quickly and honestly.  CitiFinancial also has a group of options designed to assist individuals whose credit is less-than-perfect.  They have an innovative debt consolidation program and flexible acceptance programs that allow nontraditional borrowers obtain the money that they deserve.

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CitiFinancial Recent News

CitiFinancial has started a Volunteer Incentive Program.  This incentive program is a collaborative effort between CitiFinancial and their employees.  If a volunteer regularly devotes time to a charitable organization, the organization is eligible to receive funding from CitiFinancial.  In addition to the Volunteer Incentive Program, CitiFinancial has been offering millions of dollars annually to educational institutions that promote drug prevention, after-school activities, and fire prevention programs.  In the year 2001 alone, CitiFinancial contributed upwards of 2 million dollars to various programs throughout the country.

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