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Cendant Mortgage Loans

In addition to its many, noteworthy travel companies, Cendant also has an extremely reputable mortgage division.  Cendant Mortgage is lead by Henry Silverman, who is a visionary in his own right.  They are the driving force behind ubiquitous companies such as Century 21, Coldwell Banker, and ERA Real Estate, so it is no coincidence that they are professionals in the real estate brokerage and loan industry.  In addition to helping you find a home, Cendant and Coldwell Banker provide millions of Americans with a variety of mortgage plans with affordable interest rates.  They offer refinancing packages, variable and fixed rate mortgage plans, and debt consolidation loans that use the equity in your home to assist in paying back those difficult, expensive debts. 

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Cendant Bad Credit Mortgage Options

Cendant gives borrowers the option of recovering from bad credit through their affordable debt consolidation and refinancing options.  Coldwell Banker offers educational services to potential homebuyers that educate them about the home buying process.  Understanding what a credit score means, and how it affects your ability to qualify for a loan are essential items to consider before purchasing a home.  In the event that you need help obtaining and understanding a credit report, contact one of the nation’s three largest credit-reporting agencies.  They will provide you with a comprehensive overview of what is on your credit report.  If you are unsatisfied with your previous financial history, leave time to improve it, and begin to pay everything on time each month. 

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Cendant Recent News

In March of 2006, Cendant Corporation hosted their institutional investor conference in New York.  They boasted earnings that were higher then they had projected, and they looked forward to another hopeful year.  In the near future, Cendant is planning on turning its four divisions into four independently operating entities, which will reinforce each division’s individual autonomy.  The first phase of this operation is going to be Reology, their real estate services section.  Cendant looks forward to a bright and successful future with this developing venture. 

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