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Carteret Mortgage Loans

Carteret Mortgage is an uniquely-structured mortgage company.  The president of the company, Eric Weinstein, decided to leave the cutthroat corporate world in hopes of working from home.  This was a decision that would change his life.  He was working at home as his own originator, processor, and otherwise.  He had nobody to account for, and nobody to whom he had to report.  This allowed him to spend time with his family and focus on the important elements of his life.  Eric’s vision caught on, and he has since brought on nearly 500 employees who are all able to work out of their homes.  This structure allows for no overhead cost, which gives the customer the best possible rates.  Carteret Mortgage offers the following products at the lowest rates available:

  • 100% Financing Purchases & Refinances
  • Loans for those with credit history problems
  • Jumbo Loans
  • Refinancing Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • First-time Homeowner Loans

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Carteret Mortgage Bad Credit Options

Cateret’s very flexible approach to their corporate structure trickles into their approach for approving loan candidates, as well.  They understand the need for second chances, and there are many programs that are available for individuals with nontraditional credit situations.  These programs are tailored to the customer’s individual needs and history.  With flexible qualification standards for virtually each type of loan, refinancing package, or debt consolidation program, Cateret will surely be able to find a program that suit’s you as an individual rather than you as a credit score.  These programs offer borrowers the wonderful opportunity of becoming a homeowner, and they also offer nontraditional borrowers the chance of repairing their damaged credit with the new home.  It is never too late to begin to heal your credit wounds.  Begin as soon as possible to ensure the best rate and more variety in selecting a loan. 

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Carteret Mortgage Recent News

The financial services industry is shocked at the success of Cateret’s success.  Publications throughout the nation are writing articles about how a company that began outside of one man’s home is now in the top twenty mortgage lenders in the nation.  Cateret is just getting started.  Many individuals in the lending industry are looking to work from home, so this company, and it’s unique design, is sure to grow exponentially.  In addition, they have the luxury of hiring only the best, most experience, most family-driven professionals in the business. 

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