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Ameriquest Mortgage Loans

Ameriquest Mortgage began in 1979 in Long Beach, CA as Long Beach Savings and Loan; in 1997 they assumed the name Ameriquest.  Since their inception, Ameriquest has been dedicated to providing Americans with resources that make homeownership an attainable goal.  The company has since grown to having over 200 branches throughout the nation, and they have been responsible for billions of dollars in loans.  They are now renowned as one of the largest and most well established mortgage companies in the country.  They have also recently become the nation’s largest privately held mortgage lender.  Ameriquest’s goal to become the best mortgage company in America is reflected through their mission to retain their “best practices” policy.  It is their way of making sure that each of their customers can enjoy the benefits of: 

  • Home Retention
  • Immediate Payment Processing
  • Escrow Education
  • The Best Customer Service Available
  • Fair Collection Procedures
  • Free Credit Counseling Services

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Ameriquest Mortgage Bad Credit Loans

In addition to offering an amazing platform of services to customers, Ameriquest is one of the few mortgage companies that caters to the individual needs of each of their customers.  Many hopeful homeowners are discouraged from purchasing homes due to rigid credit history standards.  Ameriquest offers loan qualification programs that take more than a credit score into account when reviewing individual profiles.  Their uniquely structured programs strive to make home loans accessible to everyone who is willing to invest the time, dedication, and commitment that it takes to be responsible consumers.  In the spirit of financial responsibility, Ameriquest has financial education programs available to new and existing customers.  They are also one of the only companies that offer free consumer credit counseling to customers that fall behind on payments so that they can regain control of their financial lives.

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More ways of helping

To reiterate Ameriquest’s commitment to the American people, Ameriquest has kicked-off a major venture to improve the way in which our children are educated about finances.  By partnering with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America and Hands On, Ameriquest has initiated an effort toward improving the financial futures of many of our children.  This program’s curriculum includes long-term financial planning strategies, understanding the importance of maintaining a savings account, and how to stay on top of monthly expenses.  Ameriquest hopes to give America’s future generation of homeowners the tools that they will need to understand the realities of things like how much income they can expect to make annually, what kind of home they can expect to purchase with that income, and what kind of quality of life their income can buy. 

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