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American Mortgage Funding Loans

Indianapolis is truly the heart of America, and the home of an all-American mortgage company:  American Mortgage Funding.  American Mortgage Funding is an equal housing lender who is dedicated to providing the fairest and most accessible mortgage products to their customers, and their services are available in most of the fifty United States.  They pride themselves as being a small, grassroots company that has access to all of the perks and services of larger mortgage companies.  This allows them to provide courteous, friendly, compassionate service to each of their customers.  Their unique personal approach makes American Mortgage Funding one of the best lenders in the Midwest.  American Mortgage Funding also offers a host of diverse products and services.  Some of these include:

  • First-time Homeowner Programs
  • Second Mortgages
  • Refinancing Options
  • Debt Consolidation Loans
  • Interest-only Options

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American Mortgage Bad Credit Options

Although American Mortgage Funding does not promise that you will be approved for a loan, they are committed to working their hardest to find a loan that will work for you regardless of your current credit standing.  American Mortgage Funding understands that there are many factors that contribute to your credit situation that can include illness, death, divorce, or job loss.  Oftentimes, bad credit is a result of being undereducated about the importance of being a financially responsible consumer.  Luckily, American Mortgage Funding has loan packages that will provide you with the opportunity to recover from your difficult financial past.  These loans range from home purchasing loans to debt consolidation loans that will allow you to pay off high-interest credit cards or overwhelming educational loans.  This debt is eliminated and consolidated into one easy-to-pay loan that uses the equity that you have already built in your home as collateral.  If you have bad credit, there is no reason for you to suffer any longer.  Begin your future as a responsible consumer today by paying each of your bills on time each month.

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American Mortgage Recent News

American Mortgage Funding is notorious for providing customers with the most innovative specials in the lending industry.  Today, they are offering no closing costs for customers who choose to do their refinancing with American Mortgage Funding.  They also offer promotions on their various purchasing loans and debt consolidation loans on a frequent basis.  Be sure to visit American Mortgage Funding to see just how they can work for you.

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