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Alliance Mortgage Loans

Alliance Mortgage has been a presence in the Cerritos, California area since 1992.   Since their inception, Alliance has evolved into a primarily internet-based lender, and they have expanded the reach of their services beyond the Cerritos area.  Due to the low overhead associated with this business model, Alliance is able to provide customers with the best rates available.  In fact, they pride themselves on being the home of inexpensive loans.  They aim to provide a lending experience that is easy, convenient, and paperless.  To add to the convenience already demonstrated by their internet-based business model, Alliance Mortgage has one of the best lines of products and services in the industry.  Their variety is unparalleled, and they have a program that will suit everyone’s needs.  The following is a sampling of their amazing variety:

  • Second Mortgages
  • Debt Consolidation Loans
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage Packages
  • Adjusted Rate Mortgage Packages
  • FHA Loans
  • Interest-only Loans
  • VA Loans

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Alliance Mortgage Bad Credit Options

Alliance specializes in lending to all types of individuals.  They have a great selection of loan programs that will get you the financing that you deserve.  In fact, nearly all of their loan programs are offered for individuals with troubled credit histories.  Some programs require slightly larger down payments and others require less-than-perfect credit, but if you are unable to come up with a larger down payment and your credit is very damaged, there are still options.  If you allow yourself a bit of time and hard work you can improve your credit score quickly.  As soon as you start paying all of your bills on time each month, you will begin to establish good credit standing and good financial habits.  This information will be immediately obvious to potential lenders who will look favorably upon your attempt to resolve your credit problems.

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Alliance Mortgage Recent News

In the effort of serving the growing number of individuals with damaged credit, Alliance has provided a wealth of information that is helpful for bad credit situations.  They have included educational information and links to other bad credit financing providers.  This information is quite informative and helpful, but it is important to remember to shop around for mortgages.  Many so-called “bad credit” lenders take advantage of their customers by charging excessively high fees and interest rates.  Be sure to research any lender extensively prior to making a commitment to their terms. 

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